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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

“If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

I have a Business & Advertising Degree and am also qualified as a Business Coach & NLP Practitioner. I specialise in NLP (Neuro linguistics) which are skills used by many entrepreneurs and motivational speakers today and I use these skills & techniques when working with my clients to help them reach their goals and achieve their desired results.

I have years of experience with proven outstanding results working with start-ups and existing businesses. I am also an experienced business owner myself and know exactly what is needed to make yours a success – I understand the challenges you can face, the importance of goal setting and the plans needed and the costs involved. I have also worked in digital so I understand what products are needed to invest in to ensure you are found online and drive enquiries.

Working with me as a New Business/Start up

I specialise in helping my clients with a brand-new business and vision and take it from the idea stage and help turn it into an actual business.

Having an idea is only one part of the process and often is the easiest part, the hard part is taking your business to market and understanding how to make it a success.

I can help you with the following:

Understanding your marketplace, competition, and pricing. Create structured goal focussed business plans. Find the right advertising and digital solutions you need to invest in to be found online. I also help clients with their clarity, direction, goals and motivation which are all key areas needed to ensure your business stays on track.

Running a business can be even harder especially if you have never run one before or worked for yourself – I have helped many clients who have previously been employed and are used to working for someone set up and run extremely successful business. With my help and guidance, I can help you overcome any of the complications and challenges you may be faced with.

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Working with me as an Existing Business

Working with me as an Existing Business

With my help and guidance, I will help you become the business you once were or want to become. Perhaps your industry has changed since you started, and you have lost some clarity and direction. Has your industry become a saturated market and you need help to find new ways to attract customers and gain more market share.

If you have been in business a while then maybe you were used to advertising in print and need help with understanding what to invest in to be found online. Whatever hurdles you are currently faced with that are preventing you from running your business to its full potential and capacity I want to help you get it back on the right track



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